Sunday, December 30, 2012

Green thumb but not a planter?

So, a little birdie told me that the dirtiest part of the body was one of your thumbs.....what? Surly that's not the DIRTIEST parts of your body! Well...I had to find out.

NO!!! The dirtiest part of your body isn't the thumb but it's not what you think it is either because it's not the butt! I repeat, it is NOT the butt!

It's the belly button!!!

What's so bad about the belly button? I think the main issue is, for being such a prominent and easily accessible body part, people rarely seem to wash it with the same care they use for other areas of the body.

Ok, this might be disguting, but you gotta try it!

Put your finger in your belly button, swirl it smell it!

I know disgusting right? Now you'll learn to clean that nasty smelling thing better.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Evil Santa!

So A Little Birdie Told Me that the reason we get coal in our stockings is because the evil Santa is giving us a death threat saying we've been bad and he's going to burn us to death.....This seams far fetched doesn't it? but I was curious so.... TADA!!! I'm researching it.

What does the research say about coal in stockings?

It started in Holland. When a child was bad they got a lump of coal, but if they were good they got a small toy, cookies or candy.

a fire was built and santa didnt expect it late.. So he became ashes… And all is left is coal in the fireplace. So a stocking is hung in memory of him…with remind the family of the fateful night..... I think this one is a joke lol that's great

In Italy, there is a rock candy called “Carbone Dolce,” which looks like coal and is often slipped into Christmas stockings as a joke....this one is kinda cool lol

Looking for that didn't go so well....

But I did find something! all hope is not lost!!!

The Anti-Claus!!!!!!

Santa Claus is the joyful fat man, so who the hell is the anti-Claus? Well, similarly to Christ versus the anti-Christ… Anti-Claus is one evil bastard. What you also might not know is that we’ve actually celebrated one of the anti-Claus’ on a yearly basis! There’s this ancient fire god named Nimrod (teehee Nimrod, sorry) throughout Asia Minor who often went by the name “Santa”; well this fire god demanded infant sacrifices to be burned and eaten! Oh, Nimrod’s coming to town, you better watch out because he might burn your baby and eat it!!!!! but there's more!!!!

There have been many various takes on the anti-Claus legends as well, particularly Krampus, Black Peter, Knech Rupecht, and Père Fouettard.

I'm not going to bore you with all the bad ones but I'll put down my favorite

Knech Rupecht began as a wild foundling whom St. Nicholas raised from childhood. Knech often walks with a limp because of a childhood injury. He is notable for his black clothes and dirty face attained from the soot he collects as he goes down the chimneys. According to some traditions, children would be summoned to perform tricks, a dance or a song to impress Santa and Knech; those who performed badly enough were not just booed off the stage- they and the misbehaved would be put into Ruprecht’s sack and taken away to either Ruprecht’s home in the Black Forest or tossed into a river, never to be heard from again

The French’s evil Santa Claus is a little more bizarre and disturbing from the rest, Père Fouettard, was said to the butcher of three children. St. Nicholas discovered the murderer and resurrected the three children. He repented Pére and took him on his travels where he would punish the naughty children by whipping them. So, not only was Santa accompanied by an evil anti-Claus, a child murderer was the one summoned to do his dirty work!

Black Peter was Santa’s menacing assistant who would often dole out coal and knock misbehaved children on the head. He is notable for being the complete physical opposite of Santa Claus, tall and extremely thin with dark beard and hair.

Krampus is an evil fertility demon that is often represented as having a long tail, fur, scary goat-faced mask, and a long red tongue… Krampus carries a wooden stick, birch branch or switches to threaten the children who have misbehaved. He is also known to bring bad dreams to all the bad children.

Ok so I thought a lot of the stories were cool. lol But there they are. The Anti-Claus, Evil Santa, Krampus.....might not want to tell this to children though. I think it's enough to just get coal....Wouldn't be so good to tell some kid that if they're bad they'll be burned to yeah that wouldn't go so well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Satan's Mark

Ok so a little birdie told me that tri freckles are supposed to be signs of the devil. This concerned me, of course, because I have them all over.


Tri freckles are three freckles in the shape of a triangle. I have tri freckles on my right shoulder, my right arm, and my right cheek.

Now I looked it up and was relieved to find no religious meaning of tri freckles at all. Well except for the occational hogwash about them meaning good fortune. Nothing saying that the devil is upon us or anything like that.

I do not have a satan's mark.

but hey, now I know what a tri freckle is. lol much more fun to say.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sugar High?

Ok so a little birdie told me that a sugar high or sugar rush was just a myth. Of course if that's the case I would just be a phony so I just HAD to prove that one wrong!!

What's the science?

Sugar High= The intense physiological effect of consuming too much sugar or glucose, usually in the form of cakes, cookies and soda; eating excessive amounts of sugar makes the brain release dopamine and endorphins, often inducing a mild sense of euphoria and happiness. This is often accompanied by a strong surge of energy as the sugar hits the bloodstream.

What to expect:

The high one gets after consuming large amounts of sugar. Also called a "sugar rush." Sugar highs cause twitchiness, spasms, and hyper excitability. Sugar highs do not last very long, and leave a person feeling drained afterwards.

HA!!! I was right stupid birdie! Now give me a sec I'm gonna go hunt down another little birdie. I just shot down this one.....metaphorically speaking. Don't want anyone to go calling the cops on me because of a joke. lol

Monday, July 16, 2012

Olive Oil=Vegetable Oil?


Ok so I was going to make some brownies today and I noticed that the box said I needed Vegetable oil.

Well crap, I only had Olive oil.

When I told a little birdie to pick some up the birdie said to just use the olive oil. I cant do that it's not the same thing.

Or is it?

This little birdie was convinced it was the same thing. So I decided to do a little research.

Olive Oil compared to Vegetable Oil

Olive oil: Olive oil is made by the mechanical pressing of olives, or Olea europaea, as they are scientifically named. This crude form of natural oil has its own unique and natural flavor and is used for both cooking and eaten raw. Olive oil is packed full of antioxidants and mono-unsaturated fats and is generally thought of to be one of the most heart-healthy choices. Olive oil is a good choice of oil when you will be cooking at a low to medium temperature because of its low smoke point of 375 degrees.

Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oils often appear to be thinner and lighter than most olive oils. Vegetable oils are also prone to rancidity and need to be stored out of the light in a tightly closed container.

So are they different? Yes, but not significantly so.

If you're having any confusion with this as I have over the years with cooking just use this method.

When in doubt, do whatever the box tells you to do. lol

Sunday, July 8, 2012

No Echo?

So a little birdie told me that a duck quack doesn't echo.

Is this true?

This might not seem important to most people but to me?...yeah it's still not important. Important enough to get the bottom of this question but not important enough to spend TOO much time on it. It's cool though. Especially because I live in a town oriented around ducks and this is the first time I heard about this question. Wierd right?

Is it true? Do Duck Quacks not echo?

Reaserch says: Yes they do echo. Sorry guys, I was voting for not also.

Here's what scientists (or whoever writes this stuff on the internet) are saying.

"Professor Trevor Cox and a team at Salford University recently did some research to get to the bottom of the problem with the help of willing volunteer, Daisy the duck. They found that a duck's quack does echo, but it is quite hard to hear the echo because of the quality of the quack sound. A sound that fades in and out (like a duck quack) makes an echo which can become mixed up with the original sound being made. This means it is hard to distinguish one from the other.

The other reason the myth may have arisen is because you don't often find ducks hanging around places where you commonly get echoes, like cliffs on a beach, or large cathedrals!"

(found from the website:

So sorry guys but it looks like a Ducks Quack does infact echo, but HEY! If you don't believe me...go find a duck and check I guess.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Florida sinking?

So a little birdie told me that the peacefull nurcing home-like florida will be sinking. It's said to go underwater by the year 2100. That is if we all don't die this year lol.

Why is it sinking?

"The sea is rising, but slowly enough so that too few people get alarmed. A slow march upward 5-10 feet, says all the science, that will happen over the next 100 years or so."

(got it from a website thought I should use quotations lol)


You might want to visit Disney World now because scientists say that if you don't it'll be gone. That is...if you're not from my generation. My generation of people don't really have to worry about it. By the year 2100 we'll be to old to..... OMG don't move to Florida when you get older. LOL. It wont be a perfect place to be.

What does this mean?

Well I can only assume that if florida sinks the rest of the world will eventually follow. Yes this isn't likely to happen for thousands of years but think about it. If the sea level is rising to sink florida then it will also sink texas and so on and so forth creeping to the states that border them until the U.S. is completely under water and a myth just like the lost city of Antlantis. Pretty soon there goes Gorgia and then they'll be talking about the Lost City of Atlanta. lol

Friday, July 6, 2012

bath salt=zombie apocolypse?

Ok so if you haven't heard about the new drug that is cruzing through the U.S. today I will tell you.

A combination of many drugs like either mephedrone or methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). Both drugs are related to khat, an organic stimulant found in the Middle East and East African countries. Khat is illegal in the US because it contains cathinone, a Schedule 1 controlled substance according to the DEA.

Ok big words I know but if I haven't lost you to google (you don't have to look up the deffs. to those just yet.) then just keep reading.

Ok so as I was saying...

The combination of these drugs do wierd things to people's minds. Did you hear about the guy that ran around naked and was shot because he tried to eat a homless guys face? yeah, HE was on bath salt (the guy that ate the face not the homeless guy). But it isn't just that one case that made bath salt infamous for zombie like cannabalism or just plain zombie like attitude.
(the picture above is the guy that got his face eaten off. I know eww!)

More cases?

A 21-year-old Louisiana man who cut his own throat then shot and killed himself after being treated by doctors.
A Maine man got off his motorcycle in the middle of a highway and started trying to hit passing cars with a piece of wood.
A Maine woman thought her teeth were filled with ticks and tried to cut them out with a knife.

How did I find out how?

If you know me then you know I don't watch much tv. But a little birdie told me of this one case where this mom was on this stuff and ATE HER BABIES TOES!!!! First....EW! Second... holy crap! that is some crazy crap right there. Third...ok so I don't know if THAT case is true but still....ew.

So a fictional zombie apocolypsy is starting to look a little bit LESS fictional in the light of this drug....isn't it?