Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Satan's Mark

Ok so a little birdie told me that tri freckles are supposed to be signs of the devil. This concerned me, of course, because I have them all over.


Tri freckles are three freckles in the shape of a triangle. I have tri freckles on my right shoulder, my right arm, and my right cheek.

Now I looked it up and was relieved to find no religious meaning of tri freckles at all. Well except for the occational hogwash about them meaning good fortune. Nothing saying that the devil is upon us or anything like that.

I do not have a satan's mark.

but hey, now I know what a tri freckle is. lol much more fun to say.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sugar High?

Ok so a little birdie told me that a sugar high or sugar rush was just a myth. Of course if that's the case I would just be a phony so I just HAD to prove that one wrong!!

What's the science?

Sugar High= The intense physiological effect of consuming too much sugar or glucose, usually in the form of cakes, cookies and soda; eating excessive amounts of sugar makes the brain release dopamine and endorphins, often inducing a mild sense of euphoria and happiness. This is often accompanied by a strong surge of energy as the sugar hits the bloodstream.

What to expect:

The high one gets after consuming large amounts of sugar. Also called a "sugar rush." Sugar highs cause twitchiness, spasms, and hyper excitability. Sugar highs do not last very long, and leave a person feeling drained afterwards.

HA!!! I was right stupid birdie! Now give me a sec I'm gonna go hunt down another little birdie. I just shot down this one.....metaphorically speaking. Don't want anyone to go calling the cops on me because of a joke. lol